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Kudos for the second edition...

"Web ReDesign 2.0 is a truly useful book, filled with practical,
from-the-trenches advice on how to overhaul a Web site without losing your
sanity, blowing your budget or slipping your schedule."
» Read the online review at Communication Arts: commarts.com (posted May/June 2005)
» See the full review in a pop-up window here.

"Throughout, the focus is on creating or redesigning sites that achieve the
client's business goals and their customers' "user" goals. This is the
overarching theme of the book - not just a workflow that works for the
designer/developer, but a workflow for a website that brings out the best in
a business and provides the most meaningful experience for the site's

Too many web and software books (and the projects within them) are
unattractive and uninspiring in their appearance. Web Redesign 2.0 is a
different story: the cover, the typography, the layout all reflect the
sensibilities of an author who clearly cares about detail, design, beauty
and professionalism - and that's always inspiring."
» Read the online review at wisewomen.org (posted June 2005)
» Also check out wisewomen.org's interview with Kelly Goto

"Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler’s Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow That Works is the most comprehensive book on the design/redesign process. With the second edition, the authors bring the book up-to-date with the integration of web standards and CSS into the workflow... After reading the well-documented phases along with useful tips, checklists, forms, and worksheets, I can see why the workflow works."
» Read the online review at visualgui.com (posted February 2005)

"The book is an excellent resource for Web site redesign project management. Many of the techniques can also be applied to the creation of new Web sites. It is well written, well thought out, and presents the planning and implementation process in an orderly manner. "
» Read the online review at macdirectory.com (posted February 2005)

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Here are some reviews and articles to the first edition:

Many reviews have been posted about this book on its amazon.com sales page. Besides that, however, here is some of what's been said independently of Amazon.

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04-21-02Book Review by James McNally

02-05-02Book Review by Steve MacLaughlin

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