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Chapter Titles

1: Keys to a Successful ReDesign
2: Core Process Overview
3: Phase 1 - Define the Project
4: Phase 2 - Develop Site Structure
5: Phase 3 - Design Visual Interface
6: Phase 4 - Build and Integrate
7: Phase 5 - Launch and Beyond
8: Testing for Usability
9: Working with Complex Functionality
10: Analyzing Your Competition

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Emily Cotler

Emily Cotler is the founder and creative directrix of Waxcreative Design, Inc. (www.waxcreative.com), an Oakland-based studio focused on site development and strategic maintenance for authors, photographers, performers, and other creative professionals as well as small enterprises. Prior to co-authoring Web Redesign and Web Redesign 2.0, Emily was a regular contributor to industry periodicals, including Publish Magazine. With clients in five countries, Emily is a sought-after leader in her niche market and regularly speaks on successful branding and building of fan-based web presences. Her preferred method of escape from cyberspace includes a snowboard and a Colorado mountain.

Kelly Goto

Kelly Goto is the principal of gotomedia, inc. (www.gotomedia.com) a San Francisco-based strategic consultancy specializing in user experience and interaction design. A self-proclaimed "design ethnographer," Kelly continues to seek new methods of applying research-oriented design to interfaces, products, and mobile devices for clients such as Adobe, Apple, Macmedia, Veritas, and BearingPoint. Kelly is a sought–after lecturer and instructor, specializing in topics of usability, user experience, and branding. When not tethered to her laptop, Kelly can be found trekking the Third World—where she does not check her email.

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