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"Even though the title of this book is focused on a redesign, this book will help you with any form of design at any stage of any web site. So often, developers and designers end up inventing many critical processes that this book will help you better control, such as planning, budgeting, scheduling, testing, and client relations." -Lynda Weinman

"With a keen eye for detail and an awareness of the latest standards and technologies used in web design projects, Web Redesign 2.0 is more useful now than ever before." -Eric Meyer

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web Rdesign 2.0 | Workflow That Works

  Roadmap to Redesign; Workflow for the Real World

The web is ever-changing; this Core Process applies to all design and redesign projects, from the simplest to the most complex. Use this book as a mutable resource. Adapt it into a methodology that works for you. Call it a plan, call it a roadmap, call it a guide -- we call it Workflow That Works, because that's what it is.

This website is the book's accompaniment. It houses many downloadable tools that are presented in the book. This site does not replace the book. There are many additional charts, tables, and helpful lists in the book.

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A note about copyrights: The documentation provided here for free is, in fact, copyrighted. While this documentation is posted here for your extensive use, it is actually not okay to drop off the copyright that credits the book. You can certainly redesign them and make them your own, but the book needs to be credited for the documentation. Therefore, in the interests of protecting intellectual property, all we ask is that if you modify any of the documents that you leave our copyright on there and say "adapted from". Thank you.

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Whether you are a designer, a site producer, an in-house webmaster, or a company owner trying to move your web presence to the next level, this book is for you. If you're immersed in the educational, governmental, or corporate worlds and looking for an easy-to-read, up-to-date overview of web processes, this book is for you. Why? Because in it Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler present the framework for a cohesive web workflow plan that will help you save time, money, and headaches.